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Alien Clones Alien Clones Battlepong Battlepong Battleships Battleships
In this game you need just your mouse to move and click with your mouse to shoot. Your Goal is to shoot everything that moves and collect the others. Move your paddle with arrow keys if you hit the blue areas with the ball you can get some weapons push j, k or l to use them. Battle your Computer. You only have to use your arrow keys in the beginning when you setyour ships. And then you have to click in the empty field the area whre you want to shoot.
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Bush Shoot-Out Bush Shootout Flashman Flashman Gravity Gravity
Your are Georg W. Bush and you need to protect the White House from evil terrorists. You shopuld clean your mouse before you start this fast shoot'em'up game Now this is the newest version of pacman. You move again with the arrow keys, Watch out for the Ghosts. Try to collect the dots. Again you mve a spaceshipand again with the arrow keys but watch out there is gravity and if you hit the planet Generica too hard: BOOOMM
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Gyroball Gyroball Save the Sheriff Save the Sheriff Space Fighter Space Fighter
And again you move with the arrow keys. This time a ball try not to fall down and hit the shining Square. You have got five tries and 50 seconds to hit the square. Bad Guys kidnapped the sheriff. Move your pig with the arrow keys of your keypad. Be careful there are loads of bad frogs, Fish and robbers. And don't fall into valleys. Your the captain of this great Spaceship. You move with the Arrow keys and shoot with x plasma bomb with space. Try to destroy the metheors.
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Superbike Superbike Bush Royal Rampage Bush Royal Rampage
You should NOT click the ilnks which start with Exclusively. You only need the ... arrow keys. Go fast but not too fast try too keep your motorcycle on the road Its very similar to Bush Shoot-Out: Moving with the arrow keys weapon changing with the spacebar and crouching with "s".
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